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President Obama Criticizes U.S. PTO

January 18, 2010

President Obama criticized the USPTO’s patent filing system, stating that the average processing time is so high in part because of outdated technology. As an example, he cited nonsensical practices such as taking electronically filed applications, printing them, scanning them, and then entering them into the case management system.

“Believe it or not, in our patent office — now, this is embarrassing — this is an institution responsible for protecting and promoting innovation — our patent office receives more than 80 percent of patent applications electronically, then manually prints them out, scans them, and enters them into an outdated case management system,” Obama said a today’s Forum on Modernizing Government.”

IP Watchdog notes that while this was once true, in 2006 a new system was installed and electronically filed applications are no longer printed and then scanned.

Regardless, it is not clear how this particular process is responsible for the backlog, though it couldn’t have helped.  The USPTO could probably benefit from an increase in technological resources, and not coincidentally the USPTO is seeking more funding in the budget.