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Patent Reform Organizations Gearing Up for Legislative Battle

February 22, 2009

The various organizations created to advance particular interests in patent reform have started to prepare for the coming legislative battles.  Not surprisingly, they have styled their messages around the recent economic storms, arguing that their policies will improve American economic health and competitive ness.

The National Journal reports that the Coalition on Patent Fairness has revamped its website and focused its message on the economic benefits of patent  reform.  The Coalition’s website includes a new blog where they announce the changes.  The National Journal notes that the Coalition joins other organizations gearing up both sides of the aisle, including the Manufacturers Alliance on Patent Policy, the Innovation Alliance, and the Coalition for 21st Century Patent Reform.

Indeed, the Manufacturers Alliance on Patent Policy recently coordinated a letter by over 130 manufacturers to President Obama asking that the administration approach patent reform at a much slower pace (or perhaps even exchewing the idea entirely).  The Manufactuers’ Alliance essentially argues that the changes wrought by the Supreme Court and Federal Circuit in patent litigation relieve the need for patent reform.  Their letter is reported by IP Watchdog here and PHOSITA here.


IP Watchdog: Top 25 Blogs

February 21, 2009

IP Watchdog compiled through Technorati the top 25 Blogs based on Technorati’s rankings.

Top 25 Patent Blogs